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a Low German name for a game of cards.

1755 Connoisseur No. 52-6, I saw these strange women place themselves at a huge round table to play at Pope Joan and Snip-snap-snorum!
1784 Laura & Augustus I. 98 The enlivening snip-snap snorum; which game they were then playing.
1820 Mrs. Trench Rem. 439 His wife, his children, his garden, fill up his day; as snip-snap-snorum does his evening.
1834 Southey Doctor (1837) IV. 72 It had been found convenient to set down the children to Pope-Joan, or snip-snap-snorum, which was to them a more amusing because a noisier game.
1887 Besant The World Went xxiv, Bess could play All-fours, Put, Snip-snap-snorum.

" Cf. Grimm, Deutsches Wortherbuch, s.v. schnippschnappschnurr." (Thun, p160.

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